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It's Bona Fide!

The Hey Brothers feature traditional bluegrass harmonies and great picking. Book us today for your wedding reception, party, festival, pig-pickin' or watering hole entertainment.

- HB's

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  • Keith
    Keith Sikes

    Keith thumps out the ancient bluegrass tones on his vintage Kay bass, and sings the lead in his warm smooth voice. He was a member of Vintage Blue and Down the Road. He resides in Pittsboro, NC.

  • John
    John Dudley

    John leads the Brothers with his exacting sense of timing, dry wit, and a flowing stream of eighth notes. A seasoned player of the five string, he's been making music in area bands such as Iron Horse, Lost County 35, and currently Damascus Ridge. He lives in Zebulon, NC.

  • brain
    Brian English

    Brian plays some deliciously smooth fiddle in the long-bow tradition. He's notably the tallest of the five, he owns kayak, and several chickens. Brian played in several bands over the years including Old Habits, and The Rye Mountain Boys. Brian and the chickens live in Durham, N.C.

  • Allen
    Allen Ray

    This Creedmoor native was playing bluegrass music at the age when most normal people are still working on shoe tying. The tradition was passed to him by his mom and dad, Robert and Peggy, as well as his uncle Earl Ray. Former member of Sourwood Mountain and the Cadillac Stepbacks.

  • Tim
    Tim Lee

    Tim plays the tiny guitar, writes some of our tunes and chops away on the back-beat. He is also the semi-official "Staff Artist" of the band. Tim has played mandolin around Raleigh with Lost County 35, and The String Machine. He lives in Cary, N.C.

  • other
    Other Brother

    We don't know where he's from, and he can't remember where he's been. Other Brother's role in the band will be determined at a later date.

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Photos by: Robert Willett, Ryan Miller, Aline Kala, Joseph M. Wise. Designed and illustrated by Tim Lee